House Rules

    Guests must be signed in at all times using either the visitors book in the Lounge or the one in the dinning room. If you are not sure how to do this then please ask a member of staff and they will be pleased to help.


    Members, their guests and visitors are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of SMART CASUAL dress at all times both on and off the course.


    On The Course:

    Denim Jeans, Track Suits, Shell Suits, Vest Tops, replica football, rugby, cricket shirts, combat or camouflage trousers or shorts.

    Appropriate golf shoes must be worn on the Course, Training shoes are not permitted. Tailored shorts only will be acceptable.

    In The Clubhouse

    A good standard of Smart Casual dress must be worn in the Clubhouse and Smart Denim is permitted. Modern Casual Shoes are also permitted including Smart Trainers, Sandals, Loafers and Deck Shoes (NO Flip-flops). Men are also requested to wear socks (this is not compulsory).

    Smart Shirts designed to be worn outside Trousers, Shorts or Skirts is permitted. All Clothing including Denim must be clean and not faded, torn or soiled.

    The Following items are NOT acceptable on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse:

    Tracksuits or Shellsuits


    Running Shoes

    Rugby/Cricket/Football Shirts or Shorts

    Combat and Camouflage Trousers

    DOGS are NOT allowed in the Club House. DOGS on the course must be kept on a leash.

    Please use Mobile Phones discreetly.

    The bar staff has been instructed not to serve anyone and the Professional not to let anyone onto the course who is incorrectly dressed.

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